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Pratt Street

Historic. Charming. Spirited. Local.

A new chapter unfolds on Pratt St., 200 years in the making. It’s a local hub for diverse characters to gather day and night to share the happenings of Downtown Hartford or just a meal with friends. A place for storytellers and salsa dancers. Cigar aficionados and selfie enthusiasts. For innovative entrepreneurs and pre-game revelers. It’s where the people have as much charm as the buildings around them. Brick by brick, our story is in the details. Whether you visit our vibrant block on a weekend getaway or as a proud neighbor, Pratt St. speaks to everyone. What will it say to you?

So much to explore
when you visit Pratt St.

From pregame to after-party, and every occasion in between, Pratt St. plays host to the events and local purveyors you need to complete your perfect experience.

A new chapter begins

Pratt Street is located in the very heart of Downtown Hartford, CT. This historic, one block, quasi-pedestrian mall is lined with quaint retail shops, rich architecture, and unique character. Currently in the process of redevelopment, the Pratt Street area will serve as the catalyst to re-energize the entire Downtown Hartford.

Located directly across from the XL Center and serving as the primary connector between Main and Trumbull Streets, Pratt Street is strategically positioned at the very center of Hartford’s Central Business District.

With 42,000 square feet of prime retail space and 370 luxury apartments, this mixed-use residential and retail conversion will become the hub of Metro Hartford Region’s Live, Work, Play ecosystem.

Luxury living
on Pratt Street

196 Trumbull

The Upward co-living lifestyle serves as a foundation and springboard for the brightest minds coming to live, work, and thrive in the city of Hartford.

99 Pratt Street

Living on Pratt Street is an experience which offers prime access to downtown merchants and events, as well as luxury amenities and responsive, professional property management.

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