Four millennials sitting around an outdoor patio table on Pratt Street. The road is brick-lined and there are storefronts behind them.
5 Ways to Celebrate Spring on Pratt Street
Apr 18, 2021

The weather is warmer, days are getting longer, and the bistro chairs and tables have already begun to “bloom” on the brick-lined road of Pratt Street. It’s official – spring has finally arrived.

While this is always an exciting time of year, this spring is extra special for obvious reasons. During sunny days and fresh starts, now is a great time to visit Pratt Street here in Hartford. For a bit of springtime inspiration, here are five ways you can celebrate spring at Pratt Street.

Millennial-aged people in groups of two and three are sitting around outdoor tables and two businessmen in suits are walking down the street.


1 Soak up the sun and work outside on Pratt Street

Take full advantage of your remaining WFH days by working from the Pratt Street patio! Our outdoor seating optioned is all socially distanced and wifi-accessible, perfect for answering emails while enjoying this beautiful weather. Plus, you’ll have all the best lunch break options just a few steps away.

Two men hold up their completed paintings of sunflowers at Painting With a Twist on Pratt Street. They are dressed in casual spring clothes and smiling.

2 Spruce up your space with your creation from Painting with a Twist

There’s nothing like a deep clean and decor refresh to welcome a new season. Instead of buying your spring statement art piece, create it yourself at Painting with a Twist. Choose from their upcoming classes, which always feature seasonal options such as florals, nature scenes, or pastel palette pieces for spring.

Overhead shot of a table full of items from Hartford Print!'s spring collection including reusable bags, DIY kit and local snacks & coffee.

3 Go green with Hartford Print’s sustainable spring collection

Saving the earth is easy and very aesthetically pleasing, thanks to Hartford Prints! Their spring collection includes reusable totes, food storage containers, straws, and more. Along with these eco-friendly picks, you can also shop floral face masks, pastel accent pillows, tie-dye, and flower press activity kits, and other fun finds for spring.

A barber cuts a man's hair in his shop. The walls have black and white photos of customers. The shop is spacious with many hair cutting tools.

4 Shed your winter look with a fresh cut at The Professional Barber Shop

Whether you’re looking to clean up your winter beard or start the new season with a fresh, clean-cut lineup, there’s no better time for men to pay a visit to The Professional Barber Shop. After a year of at-home haircuts, the whole barbershop experience’s comfort and relaxation will have any guy feeling like a new person.

Five empty patio chairs from Sorella's restaurant on Pratt Street, each with four chairs. Three red umbrellas provide shade.

5 Dine al Fresco at Sorella’s

Nothing says springtime like the return of outdoor dining. With the opening of Sorella’s patio, you can savor your favorite Italian dish while enjoying the crisp, open-air of spring. Enjoy a glass of wine for happy hour or share a pie with friends, all under the springtime sun.

We hope you found a few new ways to celebrate spring Pratt Street-style. These are just a handful of ideas from a few of the fantastic businesses that call Pratt Street home – there are so many more businesses to explore, not to mention exciting events in store! Sign up for our mailing list or follow Pratt Street on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on everything in store for Pratt Street during this spring and summer.

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