A goldendoodle puppy stands in front of Hartford Prints on Pratt Street.
8 Hartford Dogs to Follow on Instagram
Aug 16, 2021

As hosts of the Pratt Street Puppy Hour, we have one of the best jobs in the world. Along with spending every Wednesday surrounded by dogs and fellow dog lovers, we also get to meet some of our favorite dog influencers in real life! 

Hartford is full of adorable pups, and we love to follow them on their adventures via Instagram. If you need less bad news and more good boys on your news feed, here are eight excellent Hartford dogs to follow on Instagram.

A Mini American Shephard wearing a bandana on a grassy lawn.

1. @mable.the.mini

Mable is a beautiful Mini American Shepherd who loves traveling, bandanas, and training for dog shows. Mable is all about that work hard, play hard lifestyle, and even found time to open her own Tug Toy business amidst her jet-set lifestyle. We love a pup that can have it all!

A goldendoodle puppy stands in front of Hartford Prints on Pratt Street.

2. @thedoodleglasby 

At just 1.5 years old, Alfred George Frederick Glasby is the unofficial socialite of the Hartford area. Alfred has done everything from Bushnell Park to Breweries, Pratt Street to Parkville Market and looked absolutely precious while doing it. If pups could give tours of the city, we’d be first in line!

3. @matcha.the.maltipoo

As our relatable influencer queen, Matcha’s favorite hobbies include eating snacks, napping on the couch, and hamming it up for the camera. Her human always catches her, making the funniest faces and adds even more amusing, captions so give her account a follow to fill your day with more smiles!

A Schnauzer / Shepherd mix sitting at the Sorella's patio on Pratt Street

4. @little_meez

Maya is a Schnauzer / Shepherd mix living her best life here in CT. Between her thriving influencer career and exploring New England with her humans, Maya always makes time to reconnect with her friends over drinks at Sorella’s patio. We love a grounded, caring pup!👏

A mid-sized dog sitting on Pratt Street with the sun setting in the background.

5. @charliethepitpei

Charlie is a happy-go-lucky pup that could get along with anyone! On weekends you can find her hiking and hanging out with her furry friend group. On Wednesday nights, you can find her here, charming the crowd or charming her mom for treats, at Puppy Hour.

A mid-sized lab/ swiss shepherd mix dog on Pratt Street.

6. @littlebrewdog 

Rory is an adorable lab/ swiss shepherd mix with eyes that make you want to say yes to her every wish! Along with accompanying her humans to breweries, she loves snuggling with them on the couch at home. In our opinion, if Rory could talk, I’m sure she’d say that her favorite beer-related event is Puppy Hour!

A puppy sitting on a grassy hill in Hartford.

7. @marah_the_double_merle

Marah is the definition of a small dog with a big personality!  At only four months old, she is one of our youngest Puppy Hour attendees but lucky for her, we don’t card. Follow her on Instagram to enjoy all the fun and cuteness of the puppy phase from afar!

A black Frenchie dog on Pratt Street.

 8. @bubby_thefrenchie

If you feel like you’ve seen Bubby before, you’re probably correct  – he has been the face of many of our Puppy Hour promos! Bubby’s captivating and ever-changing facial expressions have also led to him being one of the most followed pups on this list. If you like Frenchie faces, we recommend you follow as well because Bubbs is a natural-born model!

We hope you had as much fun reading about these Instagram pups as we did writing about them! If following them all on social isn’t enough puppy love, stop by Pratt Street on any Wednesday in August between 5 and 7 PM to get your dog fix at Puppy Hour. All the cool dogs are doing it!

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