New Business Feature: El Gallo y El Coqui
Sep 1, 2022

2022 has been a transformative year for the Pratt Street Historic District! We are so excited to add to our growing list of restaurants and give a warm welcome to El Gallo y El Coqui! 

El Gallo y El Coqui, located at 93 Pratt Street, will bring Latin cuisine and upscale dining to the Hartford community. The restaurant is a collaborative effort between three Hartford residents and entrepreneurs. We met with the Head General Manager, Noelany Moran to discuss the vision and inspiration behind El Gallo y El Coqui (and all the delicious food you can expect to have).

Photo by KCombs Photography

Q: Tell us about El Gallo y El Coqui. 

A: “Here at El Gallo y El Coqui, we are bringing elegance and fine Latin dining to our community. We are a place where friends from all backgrounds can get together and enjoy what the Latino culture has to offer. El Gallo y El Coqui is all about incorporating traditional Latin foods, music, live salsa bands, and so much more.” 

Q: What was the inspiration behind the restaurant? What makes El Gallo y El Coqui different?

A: “The inspiration behind El Gallo y El Coqui came from being able to offer our patrons the complete island experience. We know that although there is a large Hispanic population in the city and other Latin restaurants in Hartford, there aren’t many places, if not any, that offer what we plan to do. We want people to feel as though they are being transported to an island getaway with our decor, food, music, and ambiance.”

From left to right: Owner Anibal Carrero, Head General Manager Noelany Moran, and Owner Oscar Caamano. Photo by KCombs Photography

Q: We know this is a collaborative effort between you, Oscar Caamano, and Anibal Carrero. Can you tell us about your story, how you all met, and how you came together to bring this restaurant to life? 

A: “Yes, we met through mutual friends and family through our businesses and came together with a vision to add something different to our community. 

Oscar was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. When he moved to the United States he and his family settled into Hartford’s Little Italy neighborhood and now live in East Hartford. He is an entrepreneur and owns multiple businesses, one of them being eSports, which partners with Catholic Charities to serve inner city schools here in Hartford. This program allows young scholars the opportunity to learn and engage in e-gaming, coding, drones, and more. Oscar has over 17 years of leadership experience, business experience, and skills, and is looking to bring a piece of home to the Downtown Hartford area.

Anibal Carrero was born and raised in the Frog Hollow neighborhood of Hartford. For 14 years, he owned Universal Bail Bonds, helping the community with the inequality challenges patrons faced with the legal system. He is also the owner of the luxury leather company, Sean Christian, which manufactures leather cigar bags across the United States and internationally. He also owns Hartford Consultants, LLC, which provides business consulting services to help members of inner-city communities achieve their business goals. 

I, Noelany Moran, was born in the South End of Hartford. I’ll be bringing ten years of family restaurant experience to El Gallo y El Coqui. I used to work at Andrea’s Restaurante, previously located on Franklin Avenue, which also offered fine Latin fare. I will be the Head General Manager alongside owners Oscar and Anibal.” 

Q: Why Pratt Street? What brings you to Downtown Hartford? 

A: “We felt that Pratt Street was the best location for our restaurant because of the rich history, architecture, and elegance that reminds us of Old San Juan. The Historic buildings and views of the street are a beautiful sight. We love the atmosphere and social events, especially on summer days when there’s a nice breeze. It helps bring the vision of our beautiful island. Our goal is to add so much more to that with the sounds of our live salsa music and ambiance.” 

El Gallo y El Coqui will be located at 93 Pratt Street, formerly where the Edible Arrangements was. Photo by KCombs Photography

Q: What is your team looking forward to as you continue with construction and make progress over the next few months? 

A: “We are looking forward to seeing the transformation of the space come to life and the finished product as we begin to plan our grand opening. We are aiming to open in spring of 2023.” 

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your menu and what people can expect? 

A: “We plan on having traditional Latino/Puerto Rican dishes with a twist. People can expect great food, drinks, and vibes, with both indoor and outdoor seating. We will also have a separate area in the restaurant for those looking to host gatherings, luncheons, etc.” 

Q: Do you plan on offering happy hour or live music? 

A: “Yes, we do plan to offer both happy hour and live music! We look forward to offering small bites and cocktail specials, and the live music is a must, of course. We plan on working with and hosting different top Latino and salsa bands from all over Connecticut.” 

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Hartford community? 

A: “We’d like to thank everyone for the continuous love and support! We can’t wait to see you all! Follow us on Instagram for updates, posts, news, and more!”

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