New Business Feature: Urban Lodge Brewing
May 30, 2023

Urban Lodge Brewing opened their first location four years ago in Manchester. We are so excited for the team to open their second location on Pratt Street here in Hartford. With tasty beers and community-focused initiatives, what’s not to love?

We were able to sit down with Max, one of the brewers at Urban Lodge, to learn more about what we can expect! Read on to learn more about their team, and what they are looking forward to most about joining the Pratt Street community.

Photo by @urbanlodgebrewing

Q: Tell us about Urban Lodge Brewing. When did you start and what is your current operation?

A: Urban Lodge is an independent microbrewery founded in Manchester in August 2019. We are a family-owned and operated company that focuses on developing high-quality craft beer with an elevated customer experience. We have always strived to be a resource to our community by providing a welcoming gathering space in our Manchester taproom, and by supporting local conservation efforts through our Open Trail Initiative.

The Open Trail Initiative was launched in July of 2021. With each sale of an Open Trail beer a portion of the proceeds go to the Open Trail Initiative Fund. Each quarter the funds are donated to one of the brewery’s nonprofit partners. The nonprofits focus on protecting the environment, public land access, and outdoor communities focused on stewardship of the outdoors.

Photo by @urbanlodgebrewing

Q: What do you think makes you stand out as a brewery?

A: Our community. We see ourselves as mere facilitators in a much grander scheme. Time and time again, we have been fortunate enough to experience the joyful process of complete strangers becoming customers, and those customers becoming friends. There is no award in this industry that compares to the feeling of providing a place for people to spend time with their loved ones over a pint.

Q: We are thrilled to welcome you to Pratt street! What are you most looking forward to about being part of the Pratt Street community?

A: Opening our taproom around the same time as so many other new businesses makes us feel like we’re the incoming freshmen on campus. It’s exhilarating. There are already so many amazing businesses on Pratt, and the events put on by the Pratt Street team are phenomenal. Not to pick favorites, but a stout at Vaughan’s is one of our favorite “Prattivities.” That said, Big East basketball at the XL and Yard Goats games under the lights both come to mind too.

Photo by @urbanlodgepratt of Urban Lodge’s Pop-Up on Pratt Street for Winter Village

Q: Can you describe the future Pratt Street taproom to us?

A: An expansive yet intimate space that combines the aesthetics of our Manchester taproom and core brand with the history and industry of our beloved capital. We will offer all of our craft beers and full cocktail bar alongside finely crafted plates by Chef Corey Wry. Private event spaces and multiple bars are currently being built.

Chef Corey Wry from @urbanlodgepratt

Q: What is your anticipated opening date?

A: By the end of July!  A formal announcement is coming soon.

To stay up to date on their progress and opening date follow @urbanlodgepratt, and check out the original brewery at @urbanlodgebrewing. We can’t wait for Urban Lodge to join us on @prattstreethartford!

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