Pratt Street during an outdoor market with many vendors set up.
Hartford’s Pratt Street eyed for new development
Courtney Zieller, Kaitlyn Naples
Apr 15, 2021

HARTFORD, CT – Pratt Street in the capital city could soon be getting a facelift. The money is coming from a developer who is hoping it will bring people back into Hartford. Streets in Hartford have been bare since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pratt Street, which was once booming, has been faced with empty storefronts. However, that could change as New York-based developer Shelbourne is looking to give the area life again.

Jody Morneault, who owns Stackpole Moore Tryon on the corner of Pratt and Trumbull streets, said she talked to the developer personally.

“After working with him as a volunteer, he’s is going to spend his own money to promote tourism to get people into this city to visit our assets because we can’t rely on the corporations right now,” Morneault said.

Millions of dollars are being put into this project, which is reportedly starting soon.  Shelbourne is looking to make the area residential, retail, and recreational.

The group is launching a new website and a six-month marketing campaign set to launch in a few weeks.

On their website, it says, “Pratt Street will become the hub of live work play.”

The hope is Pratt Street will soon be bustling with people once again, perhaps as early as this spring as events are being scheduled.


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