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Marketing Hartford’s Pratt Street Accentuates Many Positives
CT By The Numbers
Nov 9, 2021

The marketing of Pratt Street in downtown Hartford, a joint project of LAZ Investments, Lexington Partners LLC, and Shelbourne, the city’s largest downtown property owner, has seen a series of data points highlighted that even longtime city residents may not have recognized.

The data paints a picture of possibilities, and of an urban environment that is already attractive and progressing, in precisely the ways that potential tenants – business and residential – will value.  The numbers cited may come as a surprise to those who may not have realized what was happening around them (although perhaps slowed more recently by the pandemic).

Some of the key data points cited:

  • The median age of Hartford residents is 31
  • Gen Z & Millennials make up over 60% of the population
  • Hartford is the #4 Metro for female entrepreneurs and among the Top 10 cities for millennials
  • Hartford is ranked #5 in the U.S. for youngest entrepreneurs
  • The region is ranked #10 among the best paying large metro areas for young people
  • In a rating that includes how easy it is to get a job, how affordable it is to live there and how satisfied employees are working there, Hartford ranked #5
  • Hartford is ranked at the #4 tech market in the U.S. in terms of available skilled labor and advancement in the digital economy

As the marketing material describes it, “Pratt Street is located in the very heart of Downtown Hartford, CT. This historic, one block, quasi-pedestrian mall is lined with quaint retail shops, rich architecture, and unique character. Currently in the process of redevelopment, the Pratt Street area will serve as the catalyst to re-energize the entire Downtown Hartford…the hub of Metro Hartford Region’s Live, Work, Play ecosystem.”

City officials this week announced Winterfair – an all-ages market that seeks to connect the historic Pratt Street, to the similarly named Winterfest ice skating rink in Bushnell Park. Pratt St & Trumbull St will be activated with events and activities, and will have vendors in vacant storefronts and pop-up kiosks on the sidewalks and streets, officials said, launching a new website, Winterfair will kick off on Black Friday during the monthly KNOW GOOD Nights event on Pratt St and will be followed up the next day for Small Business Saturday. Winterfair aims to create a spectacular holiday experience with a total of 23 market days culminating on December 31st for the annual First Night Hartford celebration.

The Pratt St. marketing materials also highlight the “historic character” of Pratt Street and downtown, some well-known “iconic” retail tenants, the numerous events that have traditionally been held, and more recent corporate moves downtown, such as by Hartford Healthcare, SunLife and Infosys, the “robust” student population led by UConn and Trinity College, as well as the thousands of residential units that have been added in recent years and are due to come on line.

It’s all highlighted in materials being distributed to potential tenants, and on the dedicated website,

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