Salsa Dancing is Back on Pratt Street in Hartford
Salsa Dancing is Back on Pratt Street in Hartford
DeAndria Turner
May 27, 2022

This year they have five socials lined up for the first time ever.

HARTFORD, Conn. — You can hear the music. You can see the moves. Salsa nights are back in Harford.

“Being able to share each other’s culture, it’s just a beautiful thing,” said Lisa Gilbert.

The salsa social event on Pratt Street is an annual summer event that brings many people to the downtown area.

“I like to see how people engage and how they dance. You learn new steps,” said Smiley Martinez.

“It’s the most popular event on Pratt street without a doubt. We bring in, on average, about five to six hundred people every time,” said Chip McCabe with Hartford Business Improvement District.

The Salsa Social has been happening each summer since 2016. Organizers said this year feels more like the old times.

“2020, 2021 we kind of shifted around a little bit. Everyone was in masks and we did one on Trumbull Street for a little more space. But this year we have five lined up for the first time ever. May through September, once a month. We expect it to look like it did in 2019, pre-pandemic,” said McCabe.

Breaking out their dancing shoes, everyone becomes a part of the experience

“People enjoying themselves, dancing, having a blast, meeting new people.

The event is bringing more than just moves to Pratt street. It’s also bringing foot traffic for local businesses.

“It helps Pratt Street so much. It lets people know that we’re here and we’re open,” said Sunberry Cafe Manager, Siyoung Yon

So, while people are taking three steps for every four beats of music, they’re also helping local businesses.

The next social salsa will be on June 17.

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