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This is Pratt Street
May 25, 2021

Welcome to the official website for the re-imagined Pratt Street: the historic street of downtown Hartford, Connecticut.

Pratt Street has been a significant part of Hartford’s history and social scene since the 1800s. If you’ve come to Hartford to attend a game or see a show, you’ve probably spent some time strolling, shopping, or eating here!

Today, Pratt Street is going under a major revitalization that includes historically restored storefronts, renovated residential units, and a plethora of curated programming and events. During these exciting changes, this site will become your hub for information on all things new on Pratt Street, as well as our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Here’s a preview of what’s to expect on the re-imagined Pratt Street:

All Things Events

You may have been to events on Pratt Street but never like these! We’ve expanded our programming to create new and unique experiences that you can’t find anywhere else but Pratt Street:

  • Specialty Dining Events: celebrate Pratt Street’s diverse eateries, beloved Hartford-area restaurants, and famous Connecticut culinary sensations.
  • Curated Shopping Experiences: numerous pop-ups and marketplaces will make Pratt Street your destination for artisanal shopping.
  • Diverse Entertainment Offerings: including theatrical performances, cultural exhibitions, captivating speakers, and live musicians.
  • Creative Art Activations: celebrating citywide art initiatives, hosting traveling exhibits, and collaborating with local artists to create unique, immersive art experiences and murals.
  • Puppy Programming: special events for our four-legged patrons, plus dog-friendly additions to enhance the experience for their humans.
  • Elevated Outdoor Experiences: interactive events on the pedestrian-only street featuring fitness classes, painting, and everything in between.

New Paint, Same Charm

Pratt Street will be continuing along with its historical restoration plan for business storefronts. For us, the street’s storied past is part of its charm, and maintaining that charm is a priority during the restoration process. We just started work on the 99 Pratt retail space, and we can’t wait to see how the restored storefront will look on our historic street!

A Historic Place to Call Home

Our storefronts aren’t the only places getting a facelift. Work has begun on renovating the upstairs floors into a studio and one-bedroom luxury apartments, along with a wellness center, art room, game room, library, and pet washing station.  Living on Pratt Street where all the action happens is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is a community where originals, creatives, and free-thinkers come to live and play.

Two men sitting outside the barber shop on Pratt Street

By Our Community, For Our Community

We’re proud to call Hartford home and have admired the strength and resilience of our neighbors over the past 14 months. During this critical time, we’re committed to supporting our fellow business owners throughout the city and doing our part to show the world the value of Hartford as a destination. We’re also aware that what makes Hartford great is its diversity – people, cultures, languages, and experiences. All are welcome here on Pratt Street, and we’re looking forward to working with diverse communities to showcase their talents and traditions – starting with the business owners who call Pratt Street home.

With our storied past and diverse present, we’re creating a future that Hartford can be proud of here on Pratt Street. Check back to learn what’s new on Pratt Street, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PrattStreetHartford on Instagram to share the good times here on Pratt Street.

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