Winter Weddings at The Society Room
Winter Weddings at The Society Room
Feb 14, 2022

It’s no secret that The Society Room is home to some of the most magical weddings in Hartford. That being said, there’s something special about having a wedding there during the winter months when it feels like the city is yours. We sat down with Jim Bucko, co-owner and operator of The Society Room to learn more about this special venue.

Q: Tell us about your history with The Society Room.

A: “Come this May, myself, along with my co-owners Mark Poole and Trevor Furrer, will have owned The Society Room for 14 years. We’ve owned and managed The Riverhouse in Haddam since June 2007, and in the spring of 2008, we signed a lease to take over the building where The Society Room is. At that time, there were already events that were scheduled to take place, and those clients became worried that they would lose their venue when our team took over. We swooped in with our expertise in catering and event management, and executed those events successfully. After that, we decided to sign a long-term lease, and The Society Room was born.”

Photo by @karengeaghanphotography

Q: What makes a winter wedding magical at the Society Room?

A: “People get nervous about having a wedding during the winter months because of the unpredictability of the weather. We’re lucky to be in the heart of Downtown, where we’re close to the Residence Inn, the Hilton, and the Goodwin. Guests can easily travel to and from our venue if we do end up having weather issues.

It’s also not the peak of wedding season—we’re not as busy as we are from April to October, so should a massive storm arise, we have more flexibility to shift an event to the night before or after, or even to the next week in some cases.”

Photo by @davidapuzzophoto

Q: I’m assuming that even though snow can be a threat, it makes for some incredible photos too.

A: “Absolutely. My favorite wedding photos are the ones that are taken in the snow. All of that white matches a bride’s wedding gown perfectly…it looks amazing. The other perk about The Society Room being in the city is the fact that walkways are cleared. You can get the allure of the snow, but not have to worry about trekking through a field in your boots and dress clothes to get that perfect shot. We’re also so close to Bushnell Park and State House Square, which are gorgeous places to have photos taken, second to Pratt Street, of course.”

Q: Is it safe to say that Pratt Street is an asset when clients are choosing The Society Room as their venue?

A: “99% of brides and grooms love that the street is closed to traffic and that they have the opportunity to spend time outside of our venue. Many couples finish their rehearsal dinner and head to the street to have photos taken, make a stop at the liquor store, or grab a pint at Vaughan’s.”

Photo by @c10ike

Q: Sounds like Pratt Street is a one-stop shop for your couples.

A: “That’s the way we like it! We have a groom package where the groom and his groomsmen start their wedding day at the Professional Barber Shop for a fresh shave and haircut. They then visit Gerry at the Tobacco Shop to talk cigars, and then go to Vaughan’s for a pint and appetizer. At this point, they’re ready to head to us at The Society Room to change and get ready for the big day. This package is especially nice in the winter because it all takes place on one street, on one city block—there’s no need to walk a far distance or worry about organizing a car service.”

If you’re planning to get married soon, be sure to check out The Society Room. You can learn more about their services and offerings here. Even if a wedding isn’t in your future, head to Pratt Street and you’re sure to be lucky enough to catch a Society Room couple taking their photos on our little street!

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