People sit at patio chairs around tables and stand and talk during the Pratt Street Summer Kickoff Party
Pratt St. in Hartford back open in time for the start of Summer
Shawnte Passmore, Andrew Masse
Jun 12, 2021

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Summer is nearly here, but many are jumpstarting the celebration of the new season.

In Hartford, Pratt Street served as a bustling scene filled with music, dancing, and a good time.

This story is about bouncing back from the pandemic.

There are people who are ready to venture out and places ready to welcome them.

On Pratt Street, we saw those two worlds collide.

Only good vibes are allowed on Pratt Street.

“It’s great to see people I haven’t seen in a few months,” Jennifer Lotstein of Massachusetts tells us.

“Yeah, especially with everything going on with COVID and the pandemic. It’s kind of a nice opportunity to be outdoors safely and getting together really, and having a good time,” Brandon Best of Hartford said.

Smiles, laughter, and music filled the space.

It’s a scene the business corridor would like to see all the time, so the Pratt Street Historic District kicked off a Summer celebration to highlight why people should shop and dine there.

Organizers say this street party is one of many events lined up for the year.

It’s certainly a boost for businesses after riding out the pandemic.

“These business owners have been through so much in the last year, just making it through, surviving, and I think it’s also a responsibility for the local community to come out and support your local businesses,” event organizer Melissa Melonson says.

At Vaughan’s Public House, it’s all cheers as it serves people.

Patrons sitting at the bar are a welcome sight.

“So much energy. Great to see some new faces. I think people are kind of waking up after the pandemic and they’re trying to go out and do something,” Johnny Vaughan of Vaughan’s Public House stated.

If that’s the case, could we be on the verge of having a normal Summer?

“I hope, yeah. I hope,” added Best.

A lot of us hope that’s the case.

The street party wrapped up hours ago, but people are more than welcome to stay and enjoy the eateries and bars.

You can click or tap here to check out to view all of the events happening this Summer on Pratt Street.

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